Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I design my own Tiny Home?
A: Yes, we can work with you to bring your dream plan to life. To have new floor plans and elevations designed, it will cost $500 incl gst for drawing and design fee’s. 

Q: Can I make adjustments to the current plans?
A: Yes, if there are small adjustments you require this can be achieved with no extra cost involved. If a drastic change to the plans is required it may incur a $500 incl gst design fee.

Q: Are these Tiny Home’s road legal at full weight including furniture?
A: Tiny Homes with furniture aren’t light and are almost always over 3500kg. For this reason, our “Freedom” models are a COF Certified Large Caravan / Tiny Home with a trailer unit capable of carrying up to 9 tonnes. We are yet to see any competitors a trailer structure or certification like ours and have found a lot of tiny homes being sold come re-inspection time, are not actually legal to travel on NZ roads. 

Q: What kind of electrical does this have?
A: This has a standard electrical breaker unit with NZ certified electrical throughout, which is connected and signed off from an NZ Certified Electrician. 

Q: Can these go off-grid?
A: Yes there are ways to have these tiny homes off-grid. Although we don’t provide solar options directly we work with a number of solar suppliers who can assist with the units required to run our tiny homes off-grid

Q: What happens with wastewater?
A: Our standard inclusion with all tiny homes (excluding maxi bathroom) is a waterless composting toilet, meaning no wastewater connection is required. 

Q: Can I have a flushing toilet?
A: You can arrange to upgrade to a flushing toilet, this will mean you need to have a septic system installed onsite and we can allow the connection for this to be installed.

Q: Do these use gas and what are the bottles?
A: Yes, all our tiny homes use infinity gas hot water and gas cooking. You can simply use a BBQ gas bottle, or look to connect larger gas bottles for something more permanent. 

Q: Are these up to building code?
A: With steel structure, insulation, building wrap, 2x ply barriers, wallboards, double glazing and insulated cladding these tiny homes are like no other. Not even a standard residential house. So rest assured we provide building reports, engineers structural reports, plumbing, gas and electrical reports with our tiny homes.

Q: Is any furniture included?
A: No, our plans don’t include, beds, couches or chairs. However, in some plans such as our “Queenstown” model, there is a wraparound bult-in corner couch, which is specified in the inclusions. 

Q: Is there any warranty? 
A: Yes, all of our Tiny Home’s come with a 10 year structural guarantee and 1 year appliances and fixtures guarantee. 

Q: What is the water connection?
A: Like a caravan, the standard water connection is a hose connection. However, for more permanent connections these can also be hooked up to on-site water tanks. 

Q: How does “Turn-Key” work. 
A: Our turn-key process keeps it simple by only asking for a 15% deposit to get your build underway. Don't pay another cent until your tiny home is ready to be shipped. 

Q: What currency is your website displayed in

A: As we are a New Zealand based company all of our pricing is in NZ Dollars.

Q: Can we buy your tiny home's from overseas

A: Yes, we can ship to most major ports worldwide. Best of all the price you see displayed is what you paid no matter where in the world you are.



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