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Gen4 Cottage Range


Our team at Amazing Spaces are leading the way building high quality, costeffective Cottages/ Minor dwellings on foundations or wheels.

The all new Gen4 Cottages is a specially engineered unit, which incorporates strength,efficiency and style all in one. Our integrated steel portal frame allows for a high ceiling with an open span design, rarely seen in smaller dwellings. Our
homes feel extremely spacious and the 100mm PIR Panel wall construction
provides superior insulation in any environment.

Amazing Spaces GEN4 Cottages comply with MBIE Building Act 2004
and all Build Codes including Revised Insulation R Rating May 2023.

Our new Gen4 Cottage’s are now available. Bringing affordable, durable and easy to maintain tiny homes with a one or two bedroom layout.


  • Single Level One or Two Bedrooms / Loft Options
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Cabinetry / Bedroom
  • Bathroom Shower, Toilet, Vanity
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Double Glazed Windows-High Thermal Specification
  • Rheem Hot Water 26L Califont
  • Plumbing & Electrical to Full NZ Certification Certificate
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Portal Frame Design (Gable)
  • 100mm PIR Panel wall construction
  • Colorbond Steel Exterior32amp Power


  •  12.2m x 4.2m base unit starting from $189,000.00
  •  9m x 4.2m and 6m x 4.2 options also available

Cottage Upgrades Available

  • All-Inclusive Appliance Package
  • Integrated Wheel/Axle & Towbar
  • Coloursteel Maxx Cladding
  • Delivery from the Cape to the Bluff
  • Plus Much More
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You can enjoy all the unique tiny home features in a one or two bedroom Gen4 Cottage with its clever use of space, open-concept living, dining, and kitchen, and a well-appointed bathroom-laundry.

The Gen4 Eco Cottages basic plan gives you the option of finishing the exterior and interior cabinetry, furnishings, appliances, and fittings to your standards or upgrading to a bespoke tiny home finish to let the Amazing Spaces team handle all the hard work for you.

All designs include contemporary double glazed windows, a double sliding front door, and a PIR panel that is completely insulated.

You’ll appreciate the efficient use of space and the abundance of natural light provided by the gable roof.

The Council Code of Compliance is included with every Gen4 Eco Cottage.

Curious to know more about Tiny Homes?

Tiny homes, also known as tiny houses or small homes, are reduced-size houses typically built on trailers for mobility. They are typically no larger than 500 square feet, and are often built using sustainable and/or recycled materials.

In New Zealand, tiny homes have become popular as a more affordable and sustainable housing option. Many people choose to build their own tiny homes, while others purchase prefabricated tiny homes or convert existing structures into tiny homes. Some tiny home owners live in them full-time, while others use them as vacation homes or rental properties.

There are also tiny home communities and tiny home villages in New Zealand where people can live in tiny homes on a permanent basis.

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